If you are looking for some great ideas to use on your blog, you may want to start by creating interesting titles that will not only capture your target audience’s attention, but will also keep them engaged with useful information. Since Internet marketing and SEO strategies constantly change based on the major search engines and the online marketing industry as a whole, site owners are often tasked with finding out what strategies and techniques will work best. Specifically, when it comes to posting information on blogs that will drive more traffic to their sites, while also keeping them on the top of the search engines for visibility. More importantly, the information posted on blogs must serve several different purposes including the following:

  • Titles that Instantly engages the attention of the target audience and provokes them to read more
  • Content that is useful enough to be used in the real world
  • Call to Action statements that will lead them directly to local companies to conduct business
  • Using the best keyword and phrases that helps to get the content of the local company to the top of the search engine

Blog Idea #1

User Numbers – 7 Things You Need to Know About Automatic Pool Covers

Getting a pool cover can be expensive. Many people researches information before purchasing. The outline of this article should follow a flow that addresses, what a pool cover does, the types of covers, pros and cons, what the family should look before buying one, and a call to action with a lead form. Using numbers in the article title will get you more clicks.

Blog Idea #2

Use Pros and Cons – Pros and Cons for Converting a Pool Your Pool to Salt Water

When you install your first swimming pool, you may find a wide range of issues of concern that they may not have considered prior to the installation being complete. One in specific is converting your pool to salt water (i.e.Pros involves less maintenance required for the owner and their family (i.e the SWCG produces free chlorine).

Note: Using Pros and Cons in the article title will give the user good information and a way to point the reader to a  that provides these services.

Blog Idea #3

Use Local City Names – City names with your keyword: Pool Covers in Ventura CA

To generate additional traffic from your area, you can create an article for each city that you serve in your area. However, it is very important that you make sure that you are write unique content for each city targeted with a call to action. These pages have a good chance coming up in search results in the area.

Note: This is article gives good information must its main focus is on the search engine and the local location specified.

Blog Idea #4

Use Specific Dates – The Best Pool Covers in 2017

It’s good to be relevant and search engines also are looking for relevant articles. Using date in your title will result in more clicks. These dates will help consumers to find the latest information as it relates to best buys if they are shopping around for the most useful.

Note: This article serves several different purposes, it meets the search engines requirement of being recent information and the consumers needs too.

Blog Idea #5

Use Questions – How Can A Pool Cover Save You Money?

Questions are great tools to use in your title tags. By asking a question, you create a curiosity gap, and you give people an incentive to click.

Note: Questions are great for engagement so it is a organic way of increasing traffic instead of only depending on the search engines criteria to rank higher on the first page.

Blog Idea #6

Use Ideas for an approach – Pool Cover Ideas

This will target people in their research page. Use a call-to-action on these pages to make sure to convert visitors to leads.

Note: Because people search for information all of the time, local businesses can benefit greatly from this lead strategy. (i.e. what are the best Italian restaurants in the area and the like).

Blog Idea #7

Prices – The Cost Of A Pool Cover (in Ventura)

Make a detailed article about the cost of your product and give few examples

Note: Prices can help the local community to shop around with the use of real prices. So, an article that gives specific rates can help to facilitate a quick decision, specifically when the rates are better than the competition.

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