If you feel your company isn’t reaping the benefits it should be from your current form of advertisement, it’s time to shake things up! Video marketing is a new trend that is sure to catch the eye of future or current customers. The uniqueness of this marketing type gives it an edge against old school forms, like commercials or radio ads.


If you’re a bit nervous about trying video marketing, or if you have never even considered the tactic before, take a look at some of these tips. Then, quickly invest in a video camera!



1.    Create Contests

Video marketing isn’t exactly a huge marketing resource right now, but its individuality is what attracts customers. With that being said, there are even more things you can add to videos that will keep your viewers hooked. Try hosting a contest for the viewers. Maybe the best consumer video explaining why they ‘love’ you product? You can give the winner some sort of prize, a discount or free trial, and then post their video on your page, for extra advertisement.


2.    Post Demonstrations

Instead of just listing what your product has to offer, show the people. Create an informative demonstration that will lure your viewers into seeing just how easy your product is to use, or how many different benefits it offers.


3.    Use Animation

This suggestion is easier said than done. Not everyone is a wizard with animation software, but you can hire someone who is. This may not be the most affordable means of advertisement, but it sure is different – and that’s what the people want!


4.    Bare It All!

Allow your viewers to go behind the scenes in your office. Let each viewer feel like they know each and every nook and cranny of the business and its employees. Creating this sort of trust from business to consumer will pleasantly alter your ratings – and possibly your inventory too!


Videos are a new flavor of marketing, and you better start taking advantage of them before they get too popular. One great thing about video marketing is that the person in charge doesn’t necessarily have to be the person in front of the camera. If you’re camera shy, don’t rule out this form of advertisement. Let someone else in the company be the face of the videos, or even hire someone specifically for the position. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you do it creatively!


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