It’s not uncommon for website owners to encounter problems with their sites that they do not understand. Specifically, in situations where they have tried to do everything that the major search engines require and they are still experiencing problems that they cannot track. Though there may be a wide variety of different reasons for the website not converting, there are some reasons that may or may not be so obvious.

Reason #1 – Site’s Design is substandard

When a site won’t covert, the owners tend to think that it is the SEO campaign that’s not doing its job. While in some cases this may be true, in others it’s not. Therefore, it is important to know and understand that there are other roadblocks that may affect the sites performance. One of which involves the site’s design. In specific, the design of the site may be completely unattractive and it can affect the way people respond. For instance, based on various site studies, the user may only take 3 seconds to decide if they want to stay or keep moving to the next site. Therefore, in cases where the design of the site is substandard and does not look good at all, users tend to keep moving because they only want to do business with sites that look like they are in a good format and legitimate.

Reason #2 – Adverse Impact of the Weather

Even though the site owner may be experiencing great weather in the place that they are located, they may not be aware of the weather problems that’s occurring in other towns. Which means, there are other factors that can have a significant impact on the conversion rate of a site as well. None of which may have anything to do with how the SEO campaign is actually performing. For instance, if the site owner does a lot of business in the Bahamas, the weather can affect how many people are booking a trip from this area to other cities.

Reason #3 – Problems with User Navigation

Before a site is deployed, the site owner and their representatives should always review the site to see if it is easy to navigate from one place on the site to another. Any processes that the site provides to the user should be clearly thought out and also written in the design as such. If not, the design of the site can make it very difficult for a buyer to complete their purchases without having problems. Which means, the user will discontinue the process if they are having problems navigating their way through any part of the site.

Reason #4 – Issues with Business Processes

In addition to having problems with the navigation of the site, the consumer can also experience problems with the company’s overall business processes. One of which may involve the user completing part of the buying process online and the other portion of the transaction by phone. Even though this process may be feasible for the company, this kind of process can result in a loss of sale. This is because the extra time that is embedded in the process of contacting someone directly is often considered to be a waste of the buyers time.

Reason #5 – Spending too much time trying to Oversee Professional SEOs

Sometimes the site owner may be so concerned about their site’s campaign that they begin to micromanage their SEO’s. This kind of management is counterproductive since these are the professionals who have the expertise needed to get the best results. However, when the site owner begins to question or tell the SEO’s what should and should not be done, they may compromise their own efforts since their time away answering questions may prevent them from meeting critical established deadlines.

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