The popularity of social media around the world and their multi-million audience make all companies think, that they should definitely be present online as well. The experts believe, that while most companies are desperately working on their strategy of presence in social networks, the reality is the following: many of them should not consider this presence being the main goal.


So, why do companies are so sure they need a representation in social media? Well, there are many myths about social networks, that Internet marketers do not always explain them. Here are some of them:


Myth #1: Fans become the lawyers of the company in social media


This is a quite important reason, why companies want to be present in social media. You must agree, that the idea of having thousands of fans online sounds very intriguing; but the truth is, that the majority of people who are fans of your brands on social media will not become the lawyers of your products. 


For example, if you are a big fan of coffee, and you prefer the exact coffee trade mark, you will probably want to become its fan on Facebook. But it does not mean, that you will advise all your friends to do the same.


Myth #2: If we are present on social media, we’ll be able to reach users from all over the world


The number of social networks users might make them the second biggest “country” in the world. This is a huge potential for companies. But this number itself does not mean, that all these people will see your services or products of your company.


Despite the fact, that a range is the very important thing, the target audience still remains more important for you.

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Myth #3: Social networks are the perfect platforms for interaction


Yes, a social network is a platform for people’s interaction indeed. But gradually, the quantity of info and events shared by friends increases so much, that many people try to hide news from these friends on their timelines.


A few years ago we wanted to add different companies as fiends in social networks in order to know everything about their news, offers, and actions. But the most socially active companies have begun to frustrate their fans lately, and users have become to unsubscribe from their newsletters.


Myth #4:  Social media ads reach all users

In about a half of users log in social media from mobile devices today, where there are no ads displayed at all. Certainly, they try to find new ways of advertising in mobile devices, and they work on this problem actively.


As for now, social media and companies lose great opportunities to interact with their users via mobile devices.


Myth #5: All my followers will see my messages


Companies post the information on social media all the time, but your timeline will not show you posts from everyone you follow. By default, social networks display the posts from those people only, whom you have talked or interacted lately. Yes, there is a tool which allows you see all posts from all users, but we are not sure if you agree to change your tools at once you find this out.


Moreover, such a phenomenon as “ad blindness” can be found today: users scan advertisements in their news feeds instantly, and they passed them by focusing on the more interesting information.



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