There are key points of a good web design. A designer has to know what the visitors are looking for. Here are some key points that you should keep in mind when designing your website:

1.) Guide the eye:

Good webdesign is about information. Your visitors are on your website because they are looking for something (a solution to their problem). Use colors, titles and bold if needed to guide their eye to the parts that they might be important to them. Keep the CALL TO ACTION, phone number on the top fold. The first few seconds are crucial to keep your visitors interested. Visitors must know within a few seconds what your website is about.

2. ) Spacing:

Don’t crowd your website. Keep it clean and easy to read, use spacing. Use basic fonts. Fancy fonts might be difficult to read. Larger fonts are better. Don’t use colorful background behind the text.

3.)  Alignment:

Keep things lined up. It shows professionalism and it is easier to read.

4.) Navigation:

It is very frustrating if you cannot navigate the website or find the information you are looking for. Navigation has to be clear and on the top of the page or side. Organize your menus so everyone can easily find what they are looking for. It has to make sense.

5.) Usability:

Provide the information what your customers are looking for, Make it easy to contact you. I advise to have a contact form on each page or your phone number. Use clear CALL TO ACTION!

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