SEO has changed tremendously in only a few short years. People who are experienced with SEO and involved with the field need to be prepared for these sorts of transitions, or they are going to struggle to stay ahead. The Internet landscape is constantly changing, and people need to be able to react to those changes effectively.

User Experience

For one thing, over the last few years, user experience has become much more important when it comes to ranking algorithms. End users have much more control over the results of a person’s SEO efforts today, which is something that specialists need to take into account.

Earning Links Versus Link Building

The old strategy of link building has been replaced by earning links. People need to be able to earn links themselves. At one point, people with high-quality content would be able to earn the links that they wanted. Today, they have to bring much more to the table in order to accomplish the same. Adding links to a page is no longer a viable strategy: Google updates have made this difficult.

Content Marketing is Everywhere

Content marketing was once a highly niche field. Today, it is a field that is full of people trying to get ahead, competing against one another for the best content and the best content strategies. The people who are trying to enter this field now will face more barriers than the people who entered this field a few years ago, and they will need to produce better work.

The Decline of Keywords

At one point, keywords were everything when it came to a person’s SEO strategy. Today, stuffing articles with keywords has become something of an antiquated practice, or it will soon. Now the content must make sense and target the audience instead of the search engines. Google has made it harder and harder to make content visible in this manner. Even using obscure synonyms isn’t going to cut it.

Keyword Rankings Are Losing Their Importance

Many people still use keyword ranking reports when they’re trying to figure out whether or not their SEO strategies are working. They should know that these reports are definitely not telling them the whole story. They may be getting a false sense of their own success as a result of these reports, meaning they’re effectively doing more harm than good. What’s important today to show your website’s success is conversions.

User Expectations

People have very little patience these days when it comes to their web content. Visitors want quality results fast. They want a nice, easy-to-use website with quality content. Your website needs to create trust to convert your visitors. You need to look like you are an expert in your field. Presentation means a lot. Having all of the information that they’re seeking is everything. They won’t stand for Google giving them substandard results, and SEO marketers need to be aware of that when they’re devising their strategies.


SEO experts need to be able to see things from the perspective of their end users. Their end users will have more control over their success than ever before, which makes it that much more important for them to anticipate how their users will react. The boundary between SEO experts and their users is shrinking, which is going to make things both easier and more challenging for SEO experts.

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