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Optimization has a broader meaning, and it is not restricted to promotion of site in search engines. Besides putting relevant keywords in the web content of the site, inbound link building is very important to get more back links to your site.

There are mistakes you can make while trying to attire higher rankings. Spam sites are using these techniques to gain high rankings quickly. Google don’t like spam and is working hard to catch cheaters and block them from its search results. Some of these techniques still work however I believe sooner or later you can be punished if you try to find short cuts to increase your rankings quickly.


Do not…

1. hide text on your website or use tiny text

2. stuff keywords on your web pages

3. use META keywords tag. It’s a waste of time

4. write your meta description for search engines (it has to be written for customers)

5. list every city and zip codes within 500 miles

6. don’t get involved in link schemes, reciprocal linking, link farms, link wheel only quality link exchange with real partnership

7. do not forum/comment spam

8. submit to thousands of directories for money

9 create a bunch of Google places pages that all list the same address

10. submit to hundreds of search engines for money

11. get involved in article spinning

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