Assuming you’ve already a vast presence on various social media platforms, we’re here to share a brief idea about the most powerful social media tools to save an incredible amount of time and connect with more influencers. As you’re an internet marketing expert, you must be knowing that the social media platforms work best provided you manage them well. The tools we’re going to mention below are extremely successful in managing the social network channels. Depending on the number of staff you wish to assign to the social media management job, you can choose the applications. So now, without further ado, let’s see how these tools work for this purpose 




1. HootSuite


We’ve done a research to pick the most effective applications based on effectiveness and user demand. HootSuite is the first choice of many big internet marketing giants. With a HootSuite pro account, you can manage up to 50 social profiles inlcuding Facebook, Linkedln, Google, Foursquare, Myspace, WordPress blog, Instagram, Tumblr, StumbleUpon and Reddit. It’s excellent if you’ve a dedicated team for social media management. It could be a good choice for the large to medium size organizations. You can schedule the updates, monitor and track the online conversations.  




2. Spreadfast 


Second is Spredfast. It’s again another web based application that helps social media managers keep a track of multiple social media profiles. Apart from that, this tool has got huge attention because of its analytical performance. It’s a remarkable analytic tool that is used to determine how successful was a marketing campaign. You can literally analyse how many people were approached with the intended message and whether or not the target viewers were engaged. You’ll get all information in the form of graphs. After you get the data, you can analyse it to measure the effectiveness of the campaign.  




3. Buffer


With Buffer beside you, you can effortlessly handle one of the most common social media problems – information overload. Although the free account of Buffer serves well, you can enjoy extra privilege at a cost of $10 per month only. This tool will allow you to schedule and post content to several social networks. The biggest advantage of this tool is timely communication. You can post messages when your followers are likely to be online there.




4. Tweepi


Another effective tool to manage social media networks. Its interface is user friendly and loading time is short. Although the free account is usable, a lot many features come along with the premium account only. With its help, you can sort out whom to follow and whom to not. It’s a more organized tool that will make the Twitter management job clean and fast.  




5. TweetDeck


Powerful enough to manage your Twitter account. This tool is completely free. It’s best known for its flexibility of use. The application can be downloaded for Smartphones, Tablets, desktop as we all Mac. The filter helps to figure out the most important part to be focused. Like the others, this tool can also be used to update Facebook and Linkedln profiles. For example, you can update your profile with the same status in different accounts at the same time. Ideally you should use four to five accounts at a time only.




6. CoTweet


This application is highly recommended if you’ve assigned the social media tasks to a team already. If your business is more customer service focused, it can help you assign the queries or questions among the managers with relevant specialization. That way it becomes easy to handle the questions and followers in a more organized manner. CoTweet also allows you to monitor extensively. The email notification feature helps a manager know about a task that needs to be performed urgently. 




7. VerticalResponse  


It can be a major tool for integrating both email and social media campaigns. It can offer great assistance if you want a tool to manage and schedule your all updates and the whole campaigns. Vertical Response can be a great tool for the small business owners, who are not much comfortable with social media management stuff, don’t have time to handle social media accounts and are not very tech savvy.  




8. Engage121


Engage121 is also one of the most powerful social media tools to save an incredible amount of time and connect with more influencers. This tool is best for broadcasting, monitoring and engagement. Convenience of use is definitely incomparable. This customizable tool has filters to choose messages. Managers can also find an engagement button beneath the messages. They can click the button to start a conversation or respond to the messages. The pricing of the tool differs depending on service requirements and demand of features.  




9. SocialFlow 


SocialFlow is the other name that you can count on. It’s quite similar to the Buffer application. The tool can help you in managing Twitter accounts and scheduling posts. This application can help you schedule the tweets and automatically post them when the target audience is active on Twitter. No doubt SocialFlow is a great platform for social media optimization.  



10. Postling 


If you’re in the hospitality or restaurant business, this social media management tool can help you to a great extent. It’s an excellent tool to collaborate social media posting, monitoring and reporting. Not to forget all these aspects are extremely important for a successful social media campaign. However, the pricing factors might not suit a few business owners. If you want to add several social media accounts to this tool in the future, it might increase your cost as the tool only has per account pricing.


The last choice is up to you. Each of the social media management tools have their respective pros and cons. So, you need to decide what best fits your business requirement. Choose one based on the nature of your business. For example, if you have budget restrictions and don’t need too many features, you may consider HootSuite. And when you need the freedom of choice in relation to application features, Vertical Response might best fit your requirement. However, before you make a choice, take factors like affordability, scope to schedule the posts in advance into consideration. Plus, the tool you decide must support Facebook, Twitter and Linkedln.  




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