I’ve been working as the sole in-house SEO and PPC manager at Guardian since 2011. When I started with this Nationwide Company, they had a substandard website and were nowhere to be found on the search engines. I began by redesigning the website and properly optimizing which brought it up to the top of Google search with the main industry keyword terms (150 of 221 tracked) nationally. The effect brought amplified organic traffic by 400-500%, which has resulted in increased traffic, lead conversion and sales revenue.

In addition to information architecture and optimization, I also manage their PPC campaigns. As a Google Certified ppc specialist, I was able to decrease the cost per lead by 40% and increase the amount of leads by 150%.

Please visit website at: http://guardianpoolfence.com

Conversation Rate Growth 2015 and 2014 

Conversion Rate Growth

Website traffic growth between the summer of 2015 and 2012