1302, 2017

Top 5 Modern Creative Web Design Tips to Help You Succeed In 2017

A creative website is important for all types of business. Not only big entrepreneurs, but even a common man judges a company or an organization through its website. As said- “A man is known by the company he keeps”. Perhaps the saying can be productively transformed as “the company is known by the website he […]

2311, 2016

Do Keywords Matter Anymore?

It seems almost obvious that keywords matter when it comes to google search rankings. The problem is this technique is ineffective and it’s largely a waste of time. Make no mistake keywords used do matter a lot at one point. Over time search engines have diversified their criteria for search engine ranking to accommodate other […]

1910, 2016

How to Find and Write Interesting Topics for Your Blog

Do you own a blog? Getting blog post topics to write for your readers is an easy task, but finding interesting topics is another task altogether. However, don’t worry anymore. That’s because, in this guide, we will analyze ways of how to get interesting topics for your blog post.

Industry Forums
• Industry forums are great sites […]

1609, 2016

5 Key Points Of Good Web Design

There are key points of a good web design. A designer has to know what the visitors are looking for. Here are some key points that you should keep in mind when […]

2907, 2016

What Are the Implications of RankBrain for SEO Techniques?

RankBrain is an algorithm based on machine learning (artificial intelligence) that was deployed at the start of 2016 to augment Google’s existing search engine algorithm.

What does RankBrain do?
The main Google search algorithm is based on “hundreds of factors” (signals) that combine together to rank the relevance of pages to a search term. RankBrain is an […]

1502, 2016

Internet Marketing And SEO For The Swimming Pool Industry – Seoperson.net

The internet has become not just a crucial part of our lives, but it has become an integral part of how businesses attract new customers and maintain contact with current customers. An incredible 79% of all individuals in the United States are online every day, and most of those individuals will look online for local […]

1006, 2015

5 Reasons Why Your Website Won’t Convert

 It’s not uncommon for website owners to encounter problems with their sites that they do not understand. Specifically, in situations where they have tried to do everything that the major search engines require and they are still experiencing problems that they cannot track. Though there may be a wide variety of different reasons for the […]

1005, 2015

Let’s Talk About Remote Employees – Pros And Cons for Employers

In the past, working from home was only an idea that most people could only day dream about, especially for office workers who were tied to their computers in their brick and mortar office environments. Which meant, most of the tasks that these workers performed could not be done from home. Today, due to all […]

2704, 2015

How To Attract Wealthy Traffic To Your Website?

Websites have been regarded as the best selling tool for any business. However, your website should represent you. This means that potential customers should look at it and see the type of a person you are even the wealthy ones. Here is what your website needs to have to be a marketing tool.  CredibilityWhen dealing […]

704, 2015

The Best Internet Marketing Tactic For Small Businesses – Barnacle SEO

 Barnacle SEO is not new to small-scale internet marketers. Will Scott invented it in 2008 as a replacement for parasite SEO. Search engine algorithm methods are always changing, because of this; it becomes increasingly difficult for small businesses to compete with larger ones when it comes to attracting local visitors. Search engines understand the unfair competition […]