612, 2016

The 8 Most Important On Page SEO Factors In 2016

Unlike before, there is more to on-page SEO than just going through a list and editing. The traditional page element now has to be included. This is why it is important to go through the following 8 principles to be successful in on-page SEO.

1. Give the Searcher all they want
Every searcher has a goal and […]

1609, 2016

5 Key Points Of Good Web Design

There are key points of a good web design. A designer has to know what the visitors are looking for. Here are some key points that you should keep in mind when […]

1111, 2015

Ways to Optimize Your YouTube Videos for the Best Results

People view billions of videos on YouTube each day. Despite the role this video sharing platform can play in your business, not many people optimize their videos properly.

Gains You Can Make from YouTube
YouTube is a renowned search engine just like Google. This means that if you have a strong presence there, you can get millions […]

2710, 2015

How To Perform A SEO Audit On Your Website?

For those who are not familiar with basic SEO, it is the practice — first described in 1997 — of using certain words a certain number of times in the text of a website so that those performing a keyword search are likely to come across that one first because of the resulting high ranks […]

1009, 2015

Some Common Misconceptions about SEO

Do rankings matter? Majority of people view rankings as the final deliverable, when in all perspective this is not the case; rankings do matter, but only to some extent. This is not to say that rankings should be ignored but you should avoid taking off the real goal; your yield, by focusing too much on […]

1008, 2015

Tips For Choosing A Good SEO Company

Having a strong Internet connection is a priority for every firm in the 21st century. Business growth is partly dependent on internet hence the need for many companies to have personnel that’s experienced and knowledgeable in identification of new markets and exploration of different opportunities. Any business therefore needs to examine the importance of hiring […]

1007, 2015

2015 – What Changed In SEO In The Past Few Years?

 SEO has changed tremendously in only a few short years. People who are experienced with SEO and involved with the field need to be prepared for these sorts of transitions, or they are going to struggle to stay ahead. The Internet landscape is constantly changing, and people need to be able to react to those […]

1006, 2015

5 Reasons Why Your Website Won’t Convert

 It’s not uncommon for website owners to encounter problems with their sites that they do not understand. Specifically, in situations where they have tried to do everything that the major search engines require and they are still experiencing problems that they cannot track. Though there may be a wide variety of different reasons for the […]

1005, 2015

Let’s Talk About Remote Employees – Pros And Cons for Employers

In the past, working from home was only an idea that most people could only day dream about, especially for office workers who were tied to their computers in their brick and mortar office environments. Which meant, most of the tasks that these workers performed could not be done from home. Today, due to all […]

2704, 2015

How To Attract Wealthy Traffic To Your Website?

Websites have been regarded as the best selling tool for any business. However, your website should represent you. This means that potential customers should look at it and see the type of a person you are even the wealthy ones. Here is what your website needs to have to be a marketing tool.  CredibilityWhen dealing […]