1002, 2016

Get More Good Reviews With Some Very Simple Steps

Right now small businesses need to put their best foot forward online. More people than ever before go online to look at reviews and see whether business or products are worthwhile. These third party sites that hold reviews are important. It includes Yelp, Amazon, and Google maps, just to name a few. Businesses don’t even […]

1206, 2014

How To Deal With Mean Customers Leaving Negative Reviews?

One of the more difficult customer service challenges for a growing business are “devil customers.” These customers frequently return, request for exchanges or fixes that are well outside of the scope of excellent customer service. Prior to the proliferation of readily available Yelp and Google Reviews, these so-called devil customers resorted to local news shows […]

1704, 2013

How to Fix Yelp Reviews – Reputation Management

It is an undisputed fact that almost every consumer who takes their shopping seriously will agree that informed decisions about products or services that they buy are mostly based on information or reviews found on the internet. It’s amazing today how the internet has revolutionized the world and made very bold strides in virtually all […]

1303, 2013

How To Fix Your Online Reputation?

Sticks and Stones Can Break Your Bones, and Words Can Hurt Your Business
Most business owners are aware that negative press can hurt a business. Large scale negative publicity, such as that which AIG received over the government bailout and Transocean’s Deep Water Horizon drilling incident, can damage the reputation of corporate powerhouses. Far more insidious, […]