2812, 2015

Ghost Spam in Google Analytics

Ghost spam (also frequently known as referral spam (it is one type of such spam) or, less frequently, referral bombing) is a type of spam who’s target tends to be any particular search engine (Google, in this case). This type of search engine spam is known as spamdexing.

How Does Ghost Spamming Work?
Ghosts, the name of […]

1005, 2015

Let’s Talk About Remote Employees – Pros And Cons for Employers

In the past, working from home was only an idea that most people could only day dream about, especially for office workers who were tied to their computers in their brick and mortar office environments. Which meant, most of the tasks that these workers performed could not be done from home. Today, due to all […]

208, 2012

Which is better – Google analytics or Yahoo web analytics

Now that we have both Google and Yahoo analytics on our hands, it is time we decided which analysis tool to use for our business. Using Google analytics or Yahoo analytics would not make any difference to those new to the world of web analytics. For all of you trying to convert a mundane marketing […]